Bespoke Web Applications

Many businesses have a simple requirement for something that they can just enter data into, then modify or search that data afterwards.

Generally the only differences between what businesses need are what type of data is stored and displayed.

The choice normally boils down to a choice between paying a lot of money for something off the shelf that does a lot more than you need or using something ill-fitting for the purpose like a shared spreadsheet.

It shouldn’t be this difficult.

We can build a bespoke application that runs right in the web browser, brand it for your company, and set it to take whatever data you choose.

Why not take a look for yourself at our demo app, theĀ change control system.

With options to either host it yourself on your own hardware or private cloud, or let us take care of everything for you, we’ve got the magic combination of great performing, flexible software with very low costs and lead times to get the perfect solution you need.