High-Availability, Resilience, Load Balancing

As our name suggests, we can +9 your uptime.

Normally, you can expect 99% uptime if you’re lucky. Then your server runs out of memory, an application crashes, a piece of hardware fails, or someone misconfigures something.

We can change that uptime to 99.9%, or maybe even 99.99% (we’d like to say 100%, but that wouldn’t really fit in with the theme).

We do this by utilising High-Availability technologies such as Linux clustering which can actually actively monitor your services for the correct response, then take appropriate action if something else is provided.

For example, your web site should always say “best deals” but someone accidentally deletes the page and a 404 error is presented. The clustering will notice this and take appropriate action from what you decide beforehand.

But that’s not all.

We can load balance to any platform at the back end. We can make it so that 2 of your 3 web servers take 90% of the traffic, with the remaining 10% trickling to the other. We can put a failback web server in place where as a last resort a nice ‘under maintenance’ page is displayed.

The possibilities are endless. And we can make them happen.